Teamwork creates synergy where the combined effect of the team is greater than the sum of individual efforts. At Sadia Jabbar Productions team work is considered as a main ingredient in achieving success.

Meet the passionate team behind Sadia Jabbar Productions.

Sadia Jabbar

CEO, Producer/Director

The powerhouse behind Sadia Jabbar Productions, Sadia is a skillful, talented and passionate film producer, director and television talk show host. We have seen Sadia breaking stereotypes and raising awareness on issues which have been considered Taboo in our society via talk shows. She is a graduate of National College of Arts (NCA) and is also acknowledged as one of the progressive producers who is a master at creating that “in tune” feeling with her viewers. Her primary interests include subjective content development and innovative ideas that exceedingly appeal to her audiences.
Being the leader of the team Sadia Jabbar has an elegant, humble and a classy personality. Sadia is a visionary producer who loves to build emotional connections; be it with her audience for whom she produces heart- warming content or the team with which she produces. The audience loves the productions and the team loves the fact that Sadia Jabbar Production has been their launching pad. For a lot of new comers, including both on screen artists and behind the camera specialists, Sadia Jabbar Productions has provided them the much needed opportunity to showcase their talent and utilize their skills.

Fahid Hanif

Project Head

Having years of experience in Project Management. Fahid was working as a General Manager with Media Rights FZE (United Arab Emirates) before joining Sadia Jabbar Productions as a Project Head. He is a graduate of Beacon House University (Lahore) in theatre, film & television with specific focus on T.V Tasking, Social Media Management & Content Planning. He is a creative thinker and has a knack for Photography and Skeet Shooting.

Farooq Javaid

Head of Department (Editing)

Farooq Javaid is an experienced individual who has worked with leading entertainment companies of the country including 7th Sky & A-plus entertainment. Graduated from Karachi University he has championed the art of Editing over the years and joined Sadia Jabbar Productions as a Head of Department (Editing). He is a perfectionist, keen observer and a Musicophile and always carries his headphones with him.

Ghulam Fareed

General Manager Production and Planning

A graduate of Sindh University, Ghulam Fareed is a seasoned professional who has worked with different production houses (Six Sigma & A-Plus entertainment) before joining Sadia Jabbar Productions. He is a master of his field; who guides and directs the flow of production to run things smoothly at Sadia Jabbar Productions. He joined Sadia Jabbar Productions as General Manager Production and Planning. He is a movie buff and mostly prefers watching classic Bollywood movies.

Mubahila Rizvi

Content Manager

Mubahila, a graduate from Iqra University in Media Science is a Television writer and content specialist and has years of experience of working with leading television channels including HumTV and Geo Entertainment. She has joined Sadia Jabbar Productions as a Content Manager. During her tenure at Hum TV she has worked with on one of most successful sitcoms (Mr.Shamim) . She firmly believes that she can enlighten the society through her work by breaking all the stereo types.

Zuhaib Khan

Finance Manager

Handling Finance at Sadia Jabbar Productions, Zuhaib is passionate about numbers. Armed with an MBA degree from Iqra University, he has worked as an Assistant Manager at 7th Sky Entertainment before joining Sadia Jabbar Productions as a Finance Manager. Zuhaib is a quick learner and has a deep appreciation for story writing and swimming.

Abu Bakar

Associate Planner

Having had experience of working with a leading channel A-Plus Entertainment, he joined Sadia Jabbar Productions as an Associate Planner. Graduated from NCR College Karachi, he is a multitalented individual with interest in singing and acting.

Najeeh Uddin

Script Composer

Najeeh is an enthusiastic human being who loves to express his feelings through creative writings and poetry. He joined Sadia Jabbar Productions as a Script Composer and is currently enrolled to further his education and continue the process of learning at Karachi University.

Muhammad Hussain

Assistant to General Manager Production

Hussain has a flair for journalism. He joined Sadia Jabbar Productions as a Assistant to General Manager Production. He is energetic and a go-getter who believes that we all create our own destiny. Hussain is currently pursuing his diploma in Software Engineering from Aptech Institute Karachi.
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